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Table 1 Genes of ion-transport mechanisms and gap-junction subunits showing effects following RNAi-knockdown

From: Analysing bioelectrical phenomena in the Drosophila ovary with genetic tools: tissue-specific expression of sensors for membrane potential and intracellular pH, and RNAi-knockdown of mechanisms involved in ion exchange

Stock IDGene nameProtein functionPhenotype SomaGermline
Proton pumps
 VDRC46553vha55V-type H+-ATPase subunitsize-reduced ovaries, degeneration > S10Anot determined
 BL40884vha55 no effectsS11-S14 with NC rests, S14 with excess of FC around micropyleb
Sodium channels
 BL39053rpk (dGNaC1)DEG/epithelial sodium channelno ovariessmall ovaries, ovarioles w/o folliclesa, S11-S14 with NC rests, S14 with excess of FC around micropyle
Potassium channels
 BL53994ork1Open-rectifier potassium channelspherical follicles (resembling kugelei mutant), alterations of basal cytoskeleton in FC (bMF & MT)no effectsab
 BL44048inx1Gap-junction subunitno ovariesS14 with NC-anomaliesa, many degenerating folliclesb
 BL60112inx3Gap-junction subunitsmall ovaries, no ovarioles, few folliclesno effectsab
  1. At least 10 females were scored for each strain
  2. BL Bloomington Drosophila Stock Center number, VDRC Vienna Drosophila Resource Center number
  3. Soma driver: tj-Gal4, a germline driver: MTD-Gal4, b germline driver: mat-tub-Gal4