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BMC Developmental Biology is closing and no longer accepting new submissions. We encourage you to submit to  BMC Molecular and Cell Biology, which considers submissions in developmental biology, or another BMC journal. Please visit the BioMed Central website for a complete list of our journals.

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Plant development

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Identification of vital candidate microRNA/mRNA pairs regulating ovule development using high-throughput sequencing in hazel

The first study published in the new 'Plant development' section, investigates ovule development at the level of post-transcriptional regulation towards better understanding of developmental processes in Hazelnut. 

Morphogenesis and mechanobiology

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Multiple functions of the scaffold protein Discs large 5 in the control of growth, cell polarity and cell adhesion in Drosophila melanogaster

This recent study published in the new 'Morphogenesis and mechanobiology' section shows that Dlg5 has several conserved independent functions regulating growth, cell polarity and cell adhesion. 

Organogenesis and organoids

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Long-term expansion, genomic stability and in vivo safety of adult human pancreas organoids 

In a first-of-its-kind breakthrough study, researchers are able to generate and sustain long-term expansion of human pancreatic organoids from pancreas ductal cells that show genetic stability over time. 

Call for papers: Eco-evo-devo

The Editors of BMC Developmental Biology, BMC Ecology and Evolution, and EvoDevo welcome submissions to the cross-journal special issue on eco-evo-devo, the effect of the environment of development and evolution. Please click the above link for further information and to submit to the collection.

The special issue is open for submissions.

Call for Papers: New Section Launches

The Editors of BMC Developmental Biology are pleased to announce the launch of five new sections to acknowledge the growing field of developmental biology:

●    Stem cell biology and cellular reprogramming
●    Organogenesis and organoids
●    Morphogenesis and mechanobiology  
●    Development and disease
●    Plant development


  1. Authors: Antonio Celestino-Montes, Salvador Hernández-Martínez, Mario Henry Rodríguez, Febe Elena Cázares-Raga, Carlos Vázquez-Calzada, Anel Lagunes-Guillén, Bibiana Chávez-Munguía, José Ángel Rubio-Miranda, Felipe de Jesús Hernández-Cázares, Leticia Cortés-Martínez and Fidel de la Cruz Hernández-Hernández

    Content type: Research article

Aims and scope

BMC Developmental Biology is an open access, peer-reviewed journal that considers articles on the development, growth, differentiation and regeneration of multicellular organisms, including molecular, cellular, tissue, organ and whole organism research.

Journal Scope

BMC Series Focus Issues

October: Focus on Stem Cells

With Stem Cell Awareness day on the 13th October this year we have compiled an article collection from across different BMC Series journals covering aspects of basic stem cell biology; in vitro differentiation studies; stem-cell based therapy studies for various conditions in animal models; technical advancements and ethical issues. 

September: Patient and public involvement in research

In recognition of World Patient Safety Awareness day on 17th September, the BMC Series presents a focus issue on Patient and Public Involvement (PPI) in research.  We have collated free-to-read content from across our journals - showcasing patient perspectives, research into the study of PPI, and engaging public partners as co-authors in research.


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