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Fig. 3

From: Comparison of the transcriptomes of two tardigrades with different hatching coordination

Fig. 3

Gene expression patterns for molting pathways during development. Genes identified in Schumann et al. [37] were identified by BLASTP searches against amino acid sequences of H. exemplaris and R. varieornatus, and Z-scaled TPM values were visualized. E: Egg, B: Juvenile, act/tun: Adult stages. The identified orthologs are as follows; sad (OQV21685.1, g2400.t1), EcR (OQV14677.1, OQV23446.1, g12979.t1, g8354.t1), USP/RXR (OQV18794.1, OQV18795.1, g11953.t1, g11953.t2), E74 (OQV12233.1, g10224.t1), E75 (OQV18927.1, g7221.t1), E78 (OQV14742.1, g11712.t1), HR3 (OWA50673.1, g6536.t1), HR4 (OQV14243.1, g2273.t1), bFtz-F1 (OQV18443.1, g4792.t1), CYP18A1 (OQV16526.1, g13718.t1). An additional copy of EcR was found during this analysis (H. exemplaris OQV23446.1, R. varieornatus g8354.t1)

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