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Fig. 2

From: Deletion of Tet proteins results in quantitative disparities during ESC differentiation partially attributable to alterations in gene expression

Fig. 2

Loss of Tet proteins impairs differentiation. a Column scatter plot showing the ratio of D6 Mean Fluorescence Intensity (MFI) to D0 eGFP MFI of each cell line. Individual clones are shown to demonstrate minimal inter-clone variability. b Similar to (A), but clones are grouped together for the purpose of statistical tests. * = p < .05 as compared to WT, # = p < .05 compared to Tet2−/−. WT n = 10, Tet1−/− n = 8, Tet2−/−n = 8, DKO n = 4, TKO n = 4. c Representative western blot of the pluripotency factors Nanog, Oct3/4 and the mesoderm marker Brachyury (T). d Quantification of western blots for Nanog and Oct3/4. n = 2. * = p < .05, compared to WT. e Brightfield micrographs (top panel) of alkaline phosphatase staining at day 0 (8x) and following 6 days (bottom panel) of LIF withdrawal (20x)

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