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Fig. 1

From: Deletion of Tet proteins results in quantitative disparities during ESC differentiation partially attributable to alterations in gene expression

Fig. 1

Loss of Tet proteins does not impair pluripotency. a Schematic showing the generation of the Oct4:IRES:eGFP parental cell line followed by deletion of each TET protein individually or combinatorially (DKO = Tet1−/−:Tet2−/−, TKO = Tet1−/−:Tet2−/−:Tet3−/−). b Representative histogram showing eGFP expression in a WT clone. Parental (GFP-) mESC was used as a negative control. c Brightfield and fluorescent micrographs (20x) of WT Oct4:IRES:eGFP before and after exposure to 5 μM retinoic acid to induce differentiation. d Representative western blot of Tet1,Tet2, and common pluripotency factors in each line. GAPDH was used as a loading control. e Representative histogram of eGFP expression in WT, Tet1−/−, Tet2−/−, DKO, and TKO clone. f RT-qPCR of endoderm (Gata6), trophectoderm (Cdx2), and mesoderm (Brachyury/T) associated transcription factors. * = p < .05 compared to WT.

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