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Table 3 Number of female spiders that were used to study the Vg at the protein level

From: Vitellogenins in the spider Parasteatoda tepidariorum – expression profile and putative hormonal regulation of vitellogenesis

Stage of tested development Number of female spiders per sample
Ovaries Midgut glands Ovaries Hemolymph
Penultimate nymphal stage 5 6 10
Last nymphal stage 3 3 3 6
Day that sexual maturity was reached 2 2 2 4
Three days after mating 2 1 2 3
Day of the first oviposition 1 1 3
  1. Number of P. tepidariorum females that were used to prepare one sample from the midgut glands, ovaries and hemolymph to determine the Vg at the protein level at various ages