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Table 1 List of antibodies and related dilution used

From: Human Dental pulp stem cells (hDPSCs): isolation, enrichment and comparative differentiation of two sub-populations

Name Host Provider Dilution Application
anti-STRO-1 mouse Santa Cruz 1: 50 FACS, IF
anti-c-Kit rabbit Santa Cruz 1: 50 FACS, IF
anti-CD34 mouse Millipore 1: 50 FACS, IF
anti-Runx2 rabbit Abcam 1:100 IF
anti-osteopontin mouse Santa Cruz 1:100 IF
anti-osterix rabbit GeneTex 1:100 IF
anti-osteocalcin mouse Abcam 1:100; 1:1000 IF; WB
anti-human collagen I mouse Millipore 1:1000 WB
anti-human nuclei mouse Millipore 1:100 IF
anti-human mitochondrial protein mouse Millipore 1:100 IF
anti-myosin rabbit Sigma Aldrich 1:100 IF
anti-β-III-Tubulin rabbit Cell Signaling 1:100; 1:1000 IF; WB
anti-MAP2 mouse Sigma Aldrich 1:100; 1:1000 IF; WB
anti-NeuN mouse Millipore 1:100 IF
anti-Synapsin rabbit Cell Signaling 1:100 IF
anti-GFAP mouse Cell Signaling 1:100; 1:1000 IF; WB
anti-nestin mouse Millipore 1:100 IF
anti-CD271 mouse BioLegend 1:100 IF
anti-caspase 3 rabbit Sigma Aldrich 1:1000 WB
anti-actin goat Santa Cruz 1: 3000 WB