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Table 1 Immunophenotypical analysis of neuroblastoma cell lines

From: Comprehensive characterization of neuroblastoma cell line subtypes reveals bilineage potential similar to neural crest stem cells

   GD2 NF68 Calcyclin Phox2b c-kit Vimentin GAP43 ABCG2
N-type LA1-55N M++ C+ C N C+ C++ C+ C+
  LAN-1 M++ C+ C N/C+ C+ C++ C+ C+
  SH-SY5Y M++ C+ C‡ N C+ C++ C+ C+
  Be2-M17V M++ C+ C‡ N C+ C++ C+ C+
I-type SK-N-JD M++ C+ C N+ C C++ C+ C+
  SK-N-ER M++ C+ C‡ N/C+ C+ C++ C C+
  SK-N-Be(2)C M++ C+ C N+ C+ C++ C+ C‡
  SK-N-LP M++ C+ C‡ N+ C+ C++ C C+
S-type SK-N-AS C N++ N/C+ C+ C++ C C+
  SH-EP1 C N++ N/C C C++ C C
  LA1-5S - C N++ N/C+ C C++ C C
  1. M: membrane; C: cytoplasm; N: nuclei; -: no staining; ‡: some nuclei positive; : some cell membrane positive; +: moderate staining; ++: intense staining