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Figure 2

From: Quantification of Fibronectin 1 (FN1) splice variants, including two novel ones, and analysis of integrins as candidate FN1 receptors in bovine preimplantation embryos

Figure 2

Results of the RT-PCR on oocytes, embryos, cumulus cells and tissue samples. The RT-PCR reactions were performed with primer pairs 1–3, surrounding the alternatively spliced regions and yielded PCR fragments of different lengths depending on the presence or absence of the alternatively splice region, and were compared to the expression of the control gene GAPD. MM: molecular marker, Oo: oocyte, 2C: in vitro 2-cell embryo, 8C: in vitro 8-cell embryo, M: in vitro morula, Bv: in vivo blastocyst, Bt: in vitro blastocyst, HB: in vitro hatched blastocyst, Cum: cumulus cells, K: kidney, Li: liver, Lu: Lung, Ud: udder, P: placenta, Sp: spleen, M: muscle, H: heart, Ut: uterus, Sk: skin, Ov: ovary.

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