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Figure 11

From: Characterization and expression patterns of let-7 microRNA in the silkworm (Bombyx mori)

Figure 11

The effect of concentrations of ecdysone on the expression of bmo-let-7 in cultured cells. (A). The effect of ecdysone for 72 h. (B). The effect of ecdysone for 24 h. The cells were cultured in Grace's medium with or without ecdysone for the periods of time shown. The small RNAs were harvested and two probes for bmo-let-7 were used in the detection of Northern blot. 0 h is just before treating with ecdysone or the beginning of treatment with ecdysone, and all cell cultures are synchronous in this assay by transferring from the common vessel. Levels of bmo-let-7 are quantified relative to the loading control, 5srRNA.

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