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Table 2 Top10 most DEGs in L4 developmental stage of queens and workers ranked by their M values.

From: Molecular determinants of caste differentiation in the highly eusocial honeybee Apis mellifera

Caste DEG L4 Official_set_ID Scaffold_ID Gene_name Flybase_ID M
Queen (QL4) GB18626 GroupUn.41 Ccp84Ad-PA CG2341 1,44
  GB11403 Group12.30 CG6414-PA CG6414 1,18
  GB13298 Group3.35 Gasp-PA CG10287 1,07
  GB18599 Group8.14 CG6287-PA CG6287 1,00
  GB16563 Group6.34 Trap1-PA CG3152 1,00
  GB17384 GroupUn.41 n.d. n.d. 0,96
  GB19671 Group11.8 CG9200-PA CG9200 0,95
  GB10587 Group13.6 Cct5-PA CG8439 0,95
  GB10836 Group2.22 Hsc70Cb-PC CG6603 0,92
  GB16452 GroupUn.1387 CG5525-PA CG5525 0,88
Worker (WL4) GB19820 Group14.17 n.d. n.d. -1,78
  GB14127 Group2.32 CRMP-PB CG1411 -1,25
  GB14113 GroupUn.8421 Mi-2-PA CG8103 -1,18
  GB16803 Group14.17 n.d. n.d. -1,01
  GB15002 Group9.25 CG31711-PA CG31711 -0,99
  GB16903 Group8.23 cathD-PA CG1548 -0,99
  GB20128 Group16.4 CG4040-PA CG4040 -0,85
  GB13530 Group2.32 CG30105-PA CG30105 -0,83
  GB16686 Group15.25 n.d. n.d. -0,78
  GB17541 Group15.29 CG5059-PA CG5059 -0,77
  1. M = log2 of the gene expression differences between developing queen and worker samples (based on microarray experiments). (-) up-regulated in workers. n.d.: not determined.