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Figure 10

From: Cadherin-mediated adhesion regulates posterior body formation

Figure 10

N-cadp79emcf; vangl2 MO embryos do not exhibit early gastrulation defects. Dorsal views of WT (A-A"), vangl2 MO-injected (B-B"), N-cadp79emcfhomozygous mutant (C-C"), and N-cadp79emcf; vangl2 MO (D-D") embryos labeled with dlx3 and ntl at 1 som (A-D), papc at 7 som (A'-D'), and myoD at 7 som (A"-D"). Black arrowheads indicate the width of the NC (A-D), the lateral edge of the paraxial mesoderm (A'-D'), and the length of the somites (A"-D"). Abbreviations: som, somite; NC, notochord.

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