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Figure 7

From: Nodal signaling is required for closure of the anterior neural tube in zebrafish

Figure 7

Injection of n-cad mRNA into MZ oep embryos. Embryos were injected at the one cell stage with n-cad mRNA, raised to approximately 24 hpf, and fixed and processed for whole mount in situ hybridization with a probe for otx5. (A) WT and (B, C) some N-cad overexpressing MZoep embryos have a round shaped pineal morphology indicative of a closed pineal organ. (D, E) Other N-cad overexpressing MZoep fish have an elongated or divided pineal organ, demonstrating that their NTD has not been corrected. All images are dorsal views with anterior to the top. The background in Panel C has a pink cast because the embryo was too fragile to remove from the yolk. The midline of the brain is apparent in panels A and B, and is indicated by a black line. Scale bar: 40 μm (A-E).

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