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Table 1 Characteristics of TALE and zinc finger nucleases targeting hoxb1a and hoxb1b

From: Targeted germ line disruptions reveal general and species-specific roles for paralog group 1 hox genes in zebrafish

TALEN/ZFN Target coordinatea Upstream TALEN/ZFN Downstream TALEN/ZFN Gapc No. of unitsd Embryos injectede Activityf Diagnostic enzymeg
Target sequenceb Target sequenceb
Zb1b-1 Chr12:28712770 GGTGGAAGG GTGGACATG 5bp 3 274 NO BslI
Zb1b-2 Chr12:28712770 GGTGGAAGGGCT GTGGACATGGGT 5bp 4 424 NO BslI
Zb1b-3 Chr12:28712770 GTGGAAGGGCTG GTGGACATGGGT 6bp 4 109 YES BslI
Zb1b-4 Chr12:28712773 GAGGTGGAAGGG GACATGGGTAAA 6bp 4 149 YES BslI
Zb1a-1 Chr3:24060660 GCTGATAAG GATGCGAAG 6bp 3 2916 NO FatI
Zb1a-2 Chr3:24060660 GCTGATAAGATG GATGCGAAGGCC 6bp 4 541 NO FatI
Zb1a-3 Chr3:24060602 GCCATAGTGTGG GCCGGTGCGTAC 6bp 4 72 NO BslI
Zb1a-4 Chr3:24060535 AGGGTTGATAAA GGATGGGATGTA 5 p 4 56 NO BslI
Tb1a-1 Chr3:24060209 TCCAGAATGAACTC TCCCACGGTTACAAAT 16bp 15/16 50 NO RsaI
Tb1a-2 Chr3:24060227 CTTGGAGTACACAAT TGGGCGAGTAGGCGTT 16bp 16/16 50 YES BtgI
Tb1a-3 Chr3:24060213 CCAGAATGAACTCTTTC TCGTCCCACGGTTAC 16bp 18/15 50 NO RsaI
  1. aTarget coordinate as defined by midpoint between the upstream and downstream nuclease recognition sites.
  2. bGenomic sequence targeted by the upstream and downstream TALE and ZF nucleases.
  3. cDistance between upstream and downstream TALE and ZF nucleases.
  4. dThe number of TAL or ZF units used to assemble each nuclease.
  5. eThe number of embryos injected to test activity and raise mutant families.
  6. fNucleases that disrupted the diagnostic restriction site were defined as active.
  7. gThe enzyme used to test activity of nucleases.