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Figure 2

From: FishFace: interactive atlas of zebrafish craniofacial development at cellular resolution

Figure 2

Skeletal anatomy of the zebrafish head at 14 dpf visualized using Jatlas Viewer. The interactive 3D model of skeletal structures (A) can be rotated in a user-defined fashion with a click and drag of the mouse. The Anatomy Tree (right) lists all of the structures displayed in the 3D view. The Anatomy Key (B) shows the name of each structure in the 3D model and its color code. Structures can be switched on and off in the 2D and 3D viewer windows by clicking on "+/-" in the 2D and 3D columns of the Anatomy Key. Structures can be removed and replaced from the 3D and 2D viewers by clicking on the icon in the Del column. Colors can be changed by clicking in the Col column, which opens a palette of colors to choose from. In the 2D section view (C), structures shown in the 3D viewer are displayed in the same colors. With the 'mouse-click anatomy' function, users can use their mouse to click structures on the 2D section, and the name appears at the top of the 2D viewer window. The plane of section is shown as a red outline in the 3D model (A), and can be changed by adjusting 'yaw' and 'pitch'.

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