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Figure 7

From: The Drosophila Netrin receptor frazzled/DCC functions as an invasive tumor suppressor

Figure 7

Inhibition of JNK signaling enhances the fra mutant phenotype. Dominant-negative JNK was expressed in P35-rescued fra4mutant clones (green in A,B,D,E). Such clones have disrupted Actin staining (red in A, antenna shown) and ectopically express MMP-1 (red in B, antenna shown), but have little anti-cleaved caspase-3 staining (red, D). Thus, although blocking JNK signaling does not prevent fra mutant cell invasion, inhibition of JNK, which is activated in non-rescued fra3mutant clones (circled, GFP-negative in C), blocks cell death. Such inhibition of JNK can result in highly dysmorphic discs (entire eye-antennal disc shown in D). Discs are oriented anterior left and dorsal upwards. Clones were induced with the eyFLP driver.

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