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Figure 2

From: EMG1 is essential for mouse pre-implantation embryo development

Figure 2

Expression of Emg1 in post-implantation embryos and adult mice. (A-B) Whole mount RNA in situ hybridization of post-implantation mouse embryos (A: E8.5; B: E9.5). (C-J) RNA in situ hybridization on the sections of E13.5-E15.5 mouse embryos, demonstrating that Emg1 is expressed at low levels in most tissues, but strongly in the ventricular zone of the neuroepithelium (C, arrow indicates), the neural layer of retina (D), the follicles of vibrissae (E, arrows indicate), thymus (F), submandibular glands (G, arrow indicates), brown adipose tissue (H, arrow indicates), lung (I, arrow indicates. Asterisk indicates liver in which low expression of Emg1 was found), nephric tubules and renal mesenchyme (J, arrow indicates). (K) RNA in situ hybridization on the sections of E9.5 placenta, showing that Emg1 mRNA is low or undetectable in the trophoblast cells (arrow indicates). Rtel antisense probe is presented as a positive control. Magnification for images C-K: x10. (L) Northern blot analysis of Emg1 expression in mouse adult tissues. Lane: 1 Brain; 2 Lung; 3 Heart; 4 Liver; 5 Spleen; 6 Kidney; 7 Skeletal muscles. Lower panel shows the total ribosomal RNAs for normalization. (M) RNA in situ hybridization on mouse testis, showing that Emg1 is highly and specifically expressed in spermatogonia and meiotic spermatocytes. (N) In ovary, strong Emg1 expression is detected in oocyte (arrow indicates). The granulose cells of the pre-antral follicles are also positive for Emg1 (arrowheads). (O-P) In brain, Emg1 is predominately expressed in the granular neurons of cerebellum (O, arrow indicates) and the neurons located in hippocampus (P, arrows indicate). (Q) In intestine, Emg1 expression was mainly identified in the crypts (arrowhead). Magnification for images O-Q: x10.

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