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Table 3 Oligonucleotide primers used for qualitative real-time PCR analysis

From: Cloning and expression of SOLD1 in ovine and caprine placenta, and their expected roles during the development of placentomes

Gene (accession number) Primer Sequence Position*
ovSOLD1 Forward 5'--GGAGGCACCTGCCAGACTCA--3' 128--147
(AB297496) Reverse 5'--AAAGCGTGCCATCTTCGTAG--3' 197--178
caSOLD1 Forward 5'--GGAGGCACCTGCCAGACTCA--3' 128--147
(AB297497) Reverse 5'--AAAACATGCCATCTTCGTAG--3' 197--178
ovGAPDH Forward 5'--GCCATCACCATCTTCCAGGA--3' 81--100
(AF030943) Reverse 5'--CCACGTACTCAGCACCAGCA--3' 150--131
caGAPDH Forward 5'--GCCATCACCATCTTCCAGGA--3' 115--134
(AJ431207) Reverse 5'--CCACGTACTCAGCACCAGCA--3' 184--165
boNXN Forward 5'--TCCTAGTGGAGTCCTACCGGAA--3' 715--736
(NM_001102136) Reverse 5'--CCTGTCCGCACTAACAAAGATG--3' 788--767
boBCL2L13 Forward 5'--TCGGGAATGTACACTGGAGACC--3' 592--613
(NM_001078082) Reverse 5'--GTAGCAAAATCAGAGGCACCAA--3' 665--644
boGAPDH Forward 5'--AAGGCCATCACCATCTTCCA--3' 178--197
(U85042) Reverse 5'--CCACTACATACTCAGCACCAGCAT--3' 253--230
  1. * The nucleotide position in each accession number