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Figure 2

From: Analysis of the asymmetrically expressed Ablim1 locus reveals existence of a lateral plate Nodal-independent left sided signal and an early, left-right independent role for nodal flow

Figure 2

Ablim1 lateral plate asymmetry mirrors Nodal. Ablim1 is bilaterally symmetrical at 2 somites (a), becoming obviously asymmetric by 3 somites (b), when left lateral plate expression is stronger and more extensive than on the right. This WISH has been developed for longer allowing the asymmetric node expression to be visualised (open arrowhead). LPM asymmetry remains obvious at 5 somites (c) and some left LPM asymmetry is visible at 7 somites. Symmetrical expression in the more posterior somites is also evident. By 8 somites, all L-R asymmetry has been lost (e). Histology shows that Ablim1 is expressed throughout the lateral plate mesoderm (f, g). The posterior most extent of LPM expression is indicated by a closed arrowhead. In all panels the 3'UTRa probe has been used.

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