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New Section Launches

Call for Papers: New Section Launches

The Editors of BMC Developmental Biology are pleased to announce the launch of five new sections to acknowledge the growing field of developmental biology:

●    Stem cell biology and cellular reprogramming
●    Organogenesis and organoids
●    Morphogenesis and mechanobiology  
●    Development and disease
●    Plant development

All five sections are now welcoming submissions. We also welcome methods in developmental biology in all sections.

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Stem cell biology and cellular reprogramming
Section lead by Prof. Xiuchun (Cindy) Tian

The Stem cell biology and cellular reprogramming section considers manuscripts in basic and applied research on stem cell biology including but not limited to: derivation, propagation, pluripotency, differentiation and cellular reprogramming.

Organogenesis and organoids
Section to be led by Prof. Madeline Lancaster and Prof. Jean-Francois Brunet

This section considers studies in the development of all organs and tissues. This section is also expanding to include research on organoids and the latest tools developed to facilitate organoid formation. We also welcome manuscripts on the use of organoids as a tool for studying disease.  

Morphogenesis and mechanobiology  

This new section considers all aspects of morphogenesis including genetic and molecular basis of morphogenesis, transition from pupae/tadpole to adult - the origin and development of morphological characteristics and structures, cell-cell adhesion, cell shape and size regulation. It also considers manuscripts in mechanobiology - an emerging field of science at the interface of biology and engineering that focuses on how physical forces and changes in the mechanical properties of cells and tissues contribute to development, cell differentiation, collective cell movement, physiology, and disease, both in animals and in plants.

Development and disease

This section considers manuscripts on all aspects of developmental biology studied in a disease context including but not limited to developmental disorders, neurodegenerative diseases, disease modelling including IPS disease modelling, stem cell therapy, mutational studies (including knockout mice) and gene editing in a developmental disease context. 

Plant development

This section considers manuscripts on all aspects of plant development, including but not limited to seed, fruit, flowers, shoot or root development. It also considers manuscripts on the physiological aspects and control of development, like hormonal and environmental impact on plant development.

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