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Fig. 5

From: Wingless and Archipelago, a fly E3 ubiquitin ligase and a homolog of human tumor suppressor FBW7, show an antagonistic relationship in wing development

Fig. 5

Knockdown of Ago increases level of extracellular Wg post-transcriptionally. 

Yellow lines delimit the anterior and posterior compartments. a-b Knockdown of Ago increases level of extracellular Wg. Larval progeny from crosses between w1118 (a) or UAS-ago RNAi (b) with ci-Gal4; tub-Gal80ts flies were used to obtain wing discs. Knockdown of Ago by ago RNAi was confirmed with anti-Ago antibody. c-d Knockdown of Ago did not change wg-LacZ pattern. ci > GFP/wg-lacZ control (c) and ci > GFP, ago RNAi/wg-lacZ (d) wing discs show no difference in wg-LacZ pattern. e-f The level of Dll is enhanced by knockdown of Ago. Scale bar, 20 μm.

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