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Fig. 4

From: Comparison of the transcriptomes of two tardigrades with different hatching coordination

Fig. 4

High concentration fenoxycarb exposure inhibited hatching in H. exemplaris. Percentages of successful hatching embryos exposed in 100 μM Fenoxycarb or 100 μM 20-E until hatch. Embryo exposed to 0.03% ethanol in Volvic mineral water at Egg 0d were used as controls. Hatching ratio for each clutch are overlaid on the boxplot. The x-axis indicates the day to start exposing the chemicals after oviposition. High concentration treatment of Fenoxycarb from 0~2 days after oviposition significantly impaired hatching, whereas treatment at 3 days after oviposition and treatment with 20-E did not. ANOVA and Tukey HSD, * = FDR < 0.05, ** = FDR < 0.01, *** = FDR < 0.001

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