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Fig. 3

From: Androgen receptor expression is required to ensure development of adult Leydig cells and to prevent development of steroidogenic cells with adrenal characteristics in the mouse testis

Fig. 3

Treatment with hCG induces adult Leydig cell-specific transcripts only in the presence of androgen receptors. Adult in hpg, hpg.SCARKO and hpg.ARKO mice were treated daily with 4 IU of hCG (or vehicle) for 1 week. a Expression of Hsd3b6, Cyp17a1, Lhr, Sult1e1, Hsd17b3 and Insl3 was measured by qPCR and is expressed relative to Leydig cell number in each group. The presence of an asterisk (*) indicates that the effect of hCG was significant (P < 0.05) relative to control for that mouse group. b Immunohistochemical expression of CYP17A1 in testes from hpg and hpg.ARKO mice with or without hCG treatment . In control hpg.ARKO mice the blue arrows identify interstitial cells which express CYP17A1 while the black arrows identify germ cells which express the enzyme. The red arrows indicate a number of likely Leydig cells which do not express CYP17A1 following hCG treatment. Primary raw data are shown in Additional file 1

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