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Table 2 GenBank accession numbers of the identified NKL genes from E. rowelli, and commonly used synonyms for each gene

From: Expression of NK genes that are not part of the NK cluster in the onychophoran Euperipatoides rowelli (Peripatopsidae)

Gene name Accession number Synonyms
NK2.1 MH971984 nkx2.1, nkx2–1, ceh-24, ceh-27, Scarecrow (Scro), scarecrow (scro), nkx2–4
vax MH971979 ceh-5, ceh-7
Emx MH971980 E5, empty spiracles (ems), ceh-2, ceh-23
Nedx MH971978 CG13424, lateral muscles scarcer (lms)
Hhex MH971983 Hex, PRHX, HOX11L-PEN, CG7056, pha-2
Bari MH971981 CG11085
BarH MH971982 BarHL, B-H1 and 2, ceh-30, ceh-31