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Table 1 Expression profiles of genes involved in the development of presumptive neurosecretory brain centers during development of the onychophorans Euperipatoides rowelli and E. kanangrensis, the centipedes Strigamia maritima [48], and the millipede Glomeris marginata [67]

From: Expression of NK genes that are not part of the NK cluster in the onychophoran Euperipatoides rowelli (Peripatopsidae)

Gene Onychophora (Euperipatoides rowelli & E. kanangrensis) Myriapoda
(Strigamia maritima & Glomeris marginata)
Medial protocerebrum/ hypocerebral organs Anterior medial region
six3 + +
FoxQ2 + +
NK2.1 + +
rx + +
hbn + +
vax + +
vsx +
  1. Information on the expression of six3, FoxQ2, NK2.1, rx, hbn and vsx from the onychophoran E. kanangrensis was obtained from refs [67, 68]