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Fig. 8

From: Expression of NK genes that are not part of the NK cluster in the onychophoran Euperipatoides rowelli (Peripatopsidae)

Fig. 8

Expression of Bari (ac) and Hhex (df) at late developmental stages in embryos of the onychophoran E. rowelli. Anterior is up in a, b, c, f and left in d, d’, e; developing limbs are numbered. a Head of a stage IV embryo in ventral view. a’ Cross section of the head of a stage IV embryo showing the expression in the cephalic lobes. b Head of a stage IV embryo in dorsal view. Arrows point to uncharacterized regions of the developing brain, arrowheads indicate the putative olfactory lobes. c Posterior end of a stage IV embryo in ventral view. Inset shows the expression in the proctodeum (arrowhead) of the same embryo in lateral view, anterior is left, dorsal is up. d Stage IV embryo in lateral view, dorsal is up. d’ Anterior developing legs of a stage IV embryo in ventral view. Empty and filled arrowheads point to the diffuse and stripe-like mesodermal domains, respectively. e Stage VI embryo in lateral view, dorsal is up. f Head of a stage VI embryo in dorsal view. Arrowheads point to the putative olfactory lobes. Abbreviations: an, antennal tract; at, developing antenna; cl, cephalic lobe; cn, central brain neuropil; cx, brain cortex; de, dorsal extra-embryonic tissue; jw, developing jaw; po, proctodeum; sp; developing slime papilla; st, stomodeum; ve, ventral extra-embryonic tissue. Scale bars: a, f: 200 μm; b, c, D’: 100 μm; d, e: 500 μm

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