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Fig. 10

From: Expression of NK genes that are not part of the NK cluster in the onychophoran Euperipatoides rowelli (Peripatopsidae)

Fig. 10

Expression of Nedx at stage IV embryos of the onychophoran E. rowelli. Anterior is left in a, cf and up in b; developing limbs are numbered. Filled and empty arrowheads point to the spot-like expression dorsal of the developing limbs and the longitudinal mesodermal domains within the limbs, respectively. Asterisks indicate the longitudinal band of expression connecting the spot-like domains. a Head in ventrolateral view, dorsal is up. b Head in ventral view. c–f Consecutive developing limbs in lateral view, dorsal is up. Abbreviations: at, developing antenna; cl, cephalic lobe; jw, developing jaw; sp; developing slime papilla; ve, ventral extra-embryonic tissue. Scale bars: 200 μm

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