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Table 1 Antisera utilized for immunofluorescence and immunoblot analyses

From: Fermitin family homolog-2 (FERMT2) is highly expressed in human placental villi and modulates trophoblast invasion

Antisera Method/Dilution Used Company Catalogue #
Mouse anti-FERMT2 Clone 3A3 IF: 1:50
IB: 1:4000
EMD Millipore, Etobicoke, ON, CA MAB2617
Rabbit anti-ITGA5 IF: 1:250 EMD Millipore AB1928
Rabbit anti-ITGA6 IF: 1:100 Sigma Aldrich, Oakville, ON, CA HPA012696
Rabbit anti-VWF IF: 1:200 EMD Millipore AB7356
Rabbit anti-CDH1 IF: 1:50 Sigma Aldrich HPA004812
Mouse anti-FERMT1 Clone KN-4 IB: 1:2000 Sigma Aldrich SAB4200465
Mouse anti-TUBA Clone DM1A IB: 1:20000 Sigma Aldrich T6199
Sheep anti-Rabbit FITC IF: 1:250 Sigma Aldrich F7512
Donkey anti-Mouse RRX IF: 1:150 Jackson ImmunoResearch, West Grove, PA, US 715–295-150
ChromPure Mouse IgG IF: ** Jackson ImmunoResearch 015–000-003
ChromPure Rabbit IgG IF: ** Jackson ImmunoResearch 011–000-003
Goat anti-Mouse HRP IB: 1:10000 Promega, Madison, WI, USA W4021
  1. IF: Immunofluorescence, IB: Immunoblot, FITC: Fluorescein isothiocyanate, RRX: Rhodamine-Red-X, HRP: horseradish peroxidase. **Matched to concentration of primary antisera utilized