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Table 3 Summary of expression results for the four dntms in sole. Results obtained about gene expression patterns as determined by qPCR and WISH in embryos, larvae and juveniles and their regulation by 5-AzaC and temperature

From: Phylogeny, expression patterns and regulation of DNA Methyltransferases in early development of the flatfish, Solea senegalensis

  Expression patternsa Regulationb
  Embryos Lecitotrophic larvae WISH patterns in larvae Juveniles 5-AzaC Temp
dnmt1 -- ↓↓ Brain, spinal cord, eyes, pharynx and intestine Brain ---
dnmt3aa ↑↑ Somites, pronephric duct, brain, spinal cord, eyes, pharynx and intestine Spleen and gills ↑↑
dnmt3ab Brain, eye layers, spinal cord and intestine Heart and brain --
dnmt3bb.1 Brain, pectoral fin buds, pronephric duct, eyes, intestine, pharynx and branchial arches Gills -- ---
  1. aThe increase (↑) or decrease (↓) of gene expression from gastrula to hatch in embryos or during lecitotrophic larval development is shown
  2. bThe up- (↑) or downregulation (↓) of gene expression after 5-AzaC treatments or in response to low temperature (16 °C) is shown
  3. The arrows indicate if expression is differentially induced (↑ = or reduced (↓) for each factor and their number denote the intensity of the response