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Table 4 Selected gene ontology biological processes significantly enriched among genes within 50 kb of a BRG1- associating site and GLI consensus binding motifa

From: BRG1 interacts with GLI2 and binds Mef2c gene in a hedgehog signalling dependent manner during in vitro cardiomyogenesis

Category Targets Hypergeometric Example genes
Regulation of gene expression 501 3.35E-25 Atf2, Meis1, Ncoa2, Ncor1, Smad2
Cellular process 1211 4.15E-25 Actn1, Ctnna1, Ctnnd1, Mapt, Myo1e
System development 418 1.04E-22 Angpt1, Fgf15, Fgf18, Pdgfa
Cell differentiation 342 2.50E-20 Creb1, Dhh, Mef2d, Ptch1, Rara, Smo
Nervous system development 235 6.98E-17 Bdnf, Neurod4, Nkx2-2, Pax6
Pattern specification process 77 4.21E-10 Hoxa2, Hoxa9, Hoxd3, Yy1
Ear morphogenesis 25 3.67E-09 Atoh1, Otx1, Otx2, Gata2
Heart development 69 5.55E-09 Foxh1, Notch1, Tbx20, Ttn, Wnt5a
Regulation of cell cycle 99 4.45E-07 Cdc26, Cdk4, Cdk6, E2f1, E2f2
Osteoblast differentiation 20 7.13E-06 Bmp2, Gli1, Gli2
Cell migration 79 1.05E-05 Epha2, Fat1, Lama5, Lamc1, Tubb2b
Chromosome organization 108 4.83E-05 Hdac3, Mll3, Myst2, Smarca2, Smarcd1
  1. aA complete list can be found in Additional file 5: Table S1