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Table 2 List of quantity and materials used for building the OpenSPIM

From: Light-sheet microscopy for everyone? Experience of building an OpenSPIM to study flatworm development

 Stradus VersaLase™ VersaLase 488/561
 Heat sink (special modification)
Pieter Fourie Design and Engineering CC
 2x RC1 vertical slit stilt
 11x RC1 Ø1/2" lens stilt
 3x Metal objective holder ring
 1x Detection axis holder, base
 1x Detection axis holder, top
 1x Infinity space tube
 2x Ø1"/Ø25.4 mm microscopy fluorescence emission filter holder, base
 2x Ø1"/Ø25.4 mm microscopy fluorescence emission filter holder, top
 1x Acrylic sample chamber T, OLYMPUS
 1x Metal chamber holder T, OLYMPUS
 2x RC1 MOD, Ø1/2" lens stilt
 2x RC1 Iris stilt
 5x RC1 Ø1/2" mirror stilt
AHF Fluorescent filters
 1x F72-866; 446/523/600/677 HC Quadband Filter (Emission Filter)
 1x F59-486; Dual Line Laser Clean-up ZET 488/561
Picard Industries
Thorlabs parts
 2x DG05-1500-H1-MD; Ø1/2" SM05-Mounted Frosted Glass Alignment Disk w/Ø1 mm Hole
 2x NE20A-A; Ø25 mm AR-Coated Absorptive Neutral Density Filter, SM1-Threaded Mount, 350-700 nm, OD: 2.0
 5x TRF90/M; 90° Flip Mount for Ø1" Filters and Optics, Metric
 2x VA100/M; Adjustable Mechanical Slit, Metric
 10x LMR05/M; Lens Mount for Ø1/2" Optics, One Retaining Ring Included, M4 Tap
 5x KM05/M; Kinematic Mount for Ø12.7 mm Optics, Metric
 2x GM100/M; Ø25.4 mm Gimbal Mirror Mount, Metric, One Retaining Ring Included
 2x RSP1X15/M; Metric Rotation Mount, 360° Continuous or 15° Indexed Rotation
 2x BB1-E02; Ø1" Broadband Dielectric Mirror, 400-750 nm
 5x BB05-E02; Ø1/2" Broadband Dielectric Mirror, 400-750 nm
 2x AC127-050-A-ML; f = 50 mm, Ø1/2" Achromatic Doublet, SM05-Threaded Mount, ARC: 400-700 nm
 2x AC127-025-A-ML; f = 25 mm, Ø1/2" Achromatic Doublet, SM05-Threaded Mount, ARC: 400-700 nm
 2x AC127-019-A-ML; f = 19 mm, Ø1/2" Achromatic Doublet, SM05-Threaded Mount, ARC: 400-700 nm
 2x AC127-075-A-ML; f = 75 mm, Ø1/2" Achromatic Doublet, SM05-Threaded Mount, ARC: 400-700 nm
 2x ACY254-050-A; f = 50 mm, Ø1" Cylindrical Achromat, AR Coating: 350 - 700 nm
 24x RC1; Rail Carrier, 1" x 1", 1/4" (M6) Counterbored Mounting Hole
 2x LMR1/M; Lens Mount for Ø1" Optics, One Retaining Ring Included, M4 Tap
 2x SM1D12D; Ring-Activated SM1 Iris Diaphragm
 1x MB6090/M; Aluminum Breadboard, 600 mm x 900 mm x 12.7 mm, M6 Taps
 3x AV2/M; Sorbothane Feet, M6 Thread, 20 - 32 kg (44 - 70.4 lb) Load, 4 Pieces
 3x RLA300/M; Dovetail Optical Rail, 300 mm, Metric
 5x RLA150/M; Dovetail Optical Rail, 150 mm, Metric
 2x HW-KIT1/M; M4 Cap Screw and Hardware Kit
 1x HW-KIT2/M; M6 Cap Screw and Hardware Kit
 1x SPW602; SM1 Spanner Wrench, Graduated, Length = 3.88"
 1x BS004; 50:50 Non-Polarizing Beamsplitter Cube, 400 - 700 nm, 1/2"
 1x BS127CAM; 12.7 mm (0.50") Beamsplitter Cube Adapter for Compact 30 mm Cage Cube
 1x CM1-4ER/M; Compact Clamping 4-Port Prism/Mirror 30 mm Cage Cube, M4 Tap
 3x CL3/M; Compact Variable Height Clamp, M6 Tapped
 1x PH30/M; Post Holder with Spring-Loaded Hex-Locking Thumbscrew, L = 30 mm
 1x TR40/M; Ø12.7 mm x 40 mm Stainless Steel Optical Post, M4 Stud, M6-Tapped Hole
 2x N2667500; UMPLFLN10XW objective (N.A. 0.30)
 1x N2667700; LUMPLFLN40XW objective (N.A. 0.80)
Video camera mounts & adapters
 1x U-TLU single port tube with lens
 1x U-TV1x video camera adapter (projection lens)
 1x U-CMAD3 video camera mount adapter
 1x Camera Zyla 5.5 3 Tap ex-demo model
 1x ESio TTL Controller
 1x LN47340; Drobo 5D 5 Bays DAS Thunderbold x2 (10Gbs x2)
 5x LN46168; Red WD30EFRX 3 TB HDD