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Fig. 1

From: Med14 cooperates with brg1 in the differentiation of skeletogenic neural crest

Fig. 1

Multiple neural crest-derived phenotypes in mutant embryos. a Images of embryo morphology at 72 hpf. b to e Melanocyte defects in mutants at 48 hpf. Dorsal view with anterior to top. Scale bars, 1 mm. j to p and r to t) Alcian blue staining of cartilage reveals defects in neurocranium and viscerocranium formation in mutant embryos at 96 hpf. At least 15 embryos for each genotype were analyzed and representative samples are showed. Compared to single brg1 or med14 mutants, embryos bearing an additional copy of med14 or brg1 null allele show a more severe phenotype. Ventral view with anterior to the top. bh, basihyal; cb, ceratobranchial; ch, ceratohyal; ep, ethmoid plate; hs, hyosymplectic; m, Meckel’s cartilage; pc, parachordal plate; pq, palatoquadrate; tr, trabeculae. q Quantification of melanocyte number at 48 hpf on the trunks of control and mutant embryos. Twelve embryos for each genotype were counted. Error bars represent the SD

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