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Fig. 2

From: FOXL2 modulates cartilage, skeletal development and IGF1-dependent growth in mice

Fig. 2

Cranial skull defects in the adult Foxl2−/− mouse. (a,b) Ventral, (c,d) lateral view of mice head in radiography and (e,f) in alcian blue/alizarin red staining showing difference in size, short snout with resulting short philtrum and crossbite in Foxl2 −/−. White lines in c and d underline the lack of ethmoid bone (et). (e,f) It is evident the abnormal shape of the zygomatic arch, formed by the malar process of maxillary, zygomatic and squamosal bone. The black arrowheads in d and f indicates frontal bossing. (g,h) Dorsal view of Foxl2 −/− skull shows alterations in the sagittal and interfrontal sutures and coronal craniosynostosis. (g) Cranial sutures are indicated as: l, lambdoid; s, sagittal; c, coronal; if, interfrontal. Scale bar = 1 cm

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