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Figure 8

From: Embryonic and larval development in the Midas cichlid fish species flock (Amphilophus spp.): a new evo-devo model for the investigation of adaptive novelties and species differences

Figure 8

Detail of tail, melanophore and xanthophore development in post-hatching stages (68-168 h). (A-C) Caudal fin development at post-hatching stage (66 h, A), protruding-mouth stage (120 h, B) and one-week larvae stage (168 h, C). (D, E) Formation and dendrite extension of melanophores at high-pec stage (96 h, D) and one-week larvae stage (168 h, E). (F, G) Xanthophores on head (F) and in the dorsal stripe above the yolk (G) visualized under UV light. (H) Scheme summarizing the chromatophore distribution at 168 h/7d. Abbreviations: dm, dorsal melanophore (stripe); dx, dorsal xanthophores; hm, head melanophores; hx, head xanthophores; ffv, fin fold veins; fr, fin rays; my, myomeres; vm, ventral melanophore (stripe). A-C, F, G. Scale bars: 500 μm. D-E. Scale bars: 250 μm.

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