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Table 1 Summary of monoclonal antibodies generated from selected hybridoma cell lines

From: Novel monoclonal antibodies to study tissue regeneration in planarians

Parental hybridoma Clone at DSHB Isotype Dilution factor Concentration of DSHB supernatant tested (μg/ml) Tissues labeled
1D9 E11 IgM kappa 500 34 Blastema, brain primordia, neoblast progeny
1H6 E9 IgG1 kappa 1000 54 Axonal projections in CNS and PNS
2C4 C2 IgG1 kappa 1000 26 Blastema, neurons, intestinal cells, anterior cells
2G3 (polyclonal) N/A N/A Undiluted N/A Muscle fibers
5B1 E6 IgM kappa 1000 18 Protonephria, ciliated structures
5E12 E3 IgG1 kappa 1000 35 Blastema
6C8 A2 IgG1 kappa 1000 26 Blastema, intestinal cells
6G10 2C7 IgG1 kappa 1000 59 Muscle fibers