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Figure 4

From: O-GlcNAc modifications regulate cell survival and epiboly during zebrafish development

Figure 4

Induction of mesoderm and endoderm are normal in ogt morphants. Animal pole views of 5 hpf embryos (A, B, E, F) or dorsal views of 6 hpf embryos (C, D). ntl is expressed in the ring mesoderm and endodermal precursors around the margin in control MO (A) and MO1 (B) injected embryos. gsc (C, D) is expressed in dorsal marginal cells in ogt morphants (O) and controls (C). The mezzo transcription factor is expressed in a ring of endoderm precursors in control embryos (E). mezzo expression in the morphants is indistinguishable from controls (F).

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