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Figure 9

From: The transcription factor Nfixis essential for normal brain development

Figure 9

NFIX expression in the hippocampus. NFIX protein expression during hippocampal development from E13 to adult. Each panel (A-G) was magnified for a better view of the hippocampus (A'-G'). NFIX was first expressed in the hippocampal primordium at E13 (A and A'). At E15, NFIX expression was found in the stratum oriens, stratum pyramidale and stratum radiatum layers of the hippocampus (B'). NFIX was strongly expressed in all the areas of the hippocampus at E17 (C') and at P5 (D'). At P7 and P14 strong expression of NFIX is detected in the dentate gyrus (E' and F', respectively). In the adult (G and G') NFIX is expressed at lower levels, although stronger expression is observed in the CA3 region compared to CA1 (G") and some scattered cells were detected in the dentate gyrus and the subgranular zone (G"'). Scale bar in C is 270 μm for panel A; 360 μm for B; 400 μm for C; scale bar in C' is 60 μm for A', B'; 90 μm for C'; Scale bar in G is 600 μm for D; 625 μm for E, 700 μm for F and G. Scale bar in G' is 200 μm for D'; 260 μm for E', 290 μm for F' and G'. Scale bar in G"' is 100 μm for G"' and G". hp, hippocampal primordium; ne, neuroepithelium; so, stratum oriens; sp, stratum pyramidale; sr, stratum radiatum; DG, dentate gyrus; CA, Ammon's horn; SGZ, subgranular zone.

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