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Figure 7 | BMC Developmental Biology

Figure 7

From: The transcription factor Nfixis essential for normal brain development

Figure 7

NFIX expression in the developing telencephalon. NFIX expression during telencephalon development from E12 to adult. In each panel (A-H) the square box indicates a corresponding higher magnification image in A'-H'. A' and B' show NFIX expression in the roof plate and the preplate, respectively. Panels C'-H' show the expression of NFIX during cortical layer development. Scale bar in H is 600 μm for panels A and B; 520 μm for panel C; 480 μm for D; 400 μm for E; 625 μm for panels F-H. Scale bar in H' is 150 μm for panel A'; 80 μm for B'; 50 μm for C' and D'; 200 μm for E'; 100 μm for F'; 250 μm for G' and H'. GE, ganglionic eminence; Pir, piriform cortex; spt; septum; iz, intermediate zone; mz, marginal zone; pp, preplate; rp, roof plate; sp, subplate; svz, subventricular zone; vz, ventricular zone; I, II/III, IV, V, VI, cortical layers.

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