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Figure 4 | BMC Developmental Biology

Figure 4

From: The transcription factor Nfixis essential for normal brain development

Figure 4

Expanded DV size of the brain in Nfix -/- mice. Images of Bregma-matched sections of P22 brains of WT (+/+) (A-C) and Nfix-/- (D-F) brains. Brains were fixed in 4% PFA, embedded, sectioned, stained with cresyl violet, and mounted. Three sections of each brain at different Bregma levels were assessed for the DV midline depth of the cortex and the midline DV depth of the entire brain. The vertical bars show the entire DV depth while the horizontal bar denotes the measured depth of the cortex from the dorsal surface. Note the increase in both midline DV cortex and subcortical region depth. Measurements from 3 sections each from 3 pairs of littermate brains of the indicated ages are shown in Table 1. Scale bar = 2 mm.

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