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Table 4 Quantitative reverse transcription PCR (qRT-PCR) measurements of gene expression in total RNA from longissimus muscle of bovine fetuses – gene expression ratios over developmental time

From: Gene expression studies of developing bovine longissimusmuscle from two different beef cattle breeds

Gene Fold Ratio1
  135 d/60 d 195 d/60 d birth/60 d
IGF-binding protein 5 (IGFBP5) 0.97 0.55 ** 0.08 **
Follistatin-like (FSTL1) 0.62 ** 0.24 ** 0.05 **
  1. 1To obtain fold ratios, mean normalized (from ANOVA and against 18S RNA) qRT-PCR values at 135 d gestation, 195 d gestation and birth were divided by the values at 60 d gestation.
  2. ** Significance at P < 0.01.