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Figure 2

From: Expression of the zebrafish intermediate neurofilament Nestin in the developing nervous system and in neural proliferation zones at postembryonic stages

Figure 2

nestin expression in zebrafish development. (A-D): nestin expression pattern during gastrula and early somitogenesis stages, (A) nestin is not expressed at 60% epibloy stage, (B) sense control. (C, D): First expression is detectable at 3 somite stage. (E, F-F"): Flat mount and cross sections of a 3 somite embryo. (G, sense control in H): Lateral view of 24 hpf embryo, nestin is expressed widely in CNS. (I, I'): 2 dpf, lateral view (I), dorsal view (I') nestin is expressed in head ganglia and fin buds; insert in (I') shows higher magnification of a fin bud; (I") higher magnification of the spinal cord. nestin expression in the ventral root may correlate with glia or neuroblasts. (J-J"): At 3 dpf nestin expression becomes more restricted to proliferation zones, (J) lateral view, (J', J") higher magnifications, dorsal (J') and lateral (J") view. (K-K"): 4 dpf: nestin expression in the CNS is almost completely restricted to proliferation zones. Further expression is detected in the cranial ganglia, the gut and the craniofacial mesenchyme (K"). Abbreviations: ALLG: anterior lateral line ganglion; cm: craniofacial mesenchyme; FB: fin bud; g: gut; OG: octaval ganglion; no: notochord; SC: spinal cord; VG: vagal ganglion; VMP: ventral motoneuron precursors. (A-E, G-K"): anterior left, animal pole up, (F-F"): cross sections, dorsal up. Scale bars: 100 μm, except K: scale bar: 200 μm.

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