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Figure 8

From: BDNF promotes target innervation of Xenopus mandibular trigeminal axons in vivo

Figure 8

Wildtype cement gland grafts rescued mandibular trigeminal axon target innervation in MO BDNFatg injected embryos. In vivo cement gland swap experiments were performed between MOC injected embryos and uninjected embryos (WT). (A) MOC cement gland placed onto an uninjected embryo exhibits trigeminal axon arborisation and growth into the cement gland. (B) Similar observation was made when wildtype cement gland was placed onto a MOC injected embryo. In vivo cement gland swaps were also performed between BDNF morphants and uninjected embryos. (C) MO BDNFatg cement gland placed onto an uninjected embryo shows trigeminal arborisation at the cement gland was barely detectable. (D) Wildtype cement gland placed onto a MO BDNFatg injected embryo shows that trigeminal axons were able to arborise and enter the cement gland.

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