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Figure 8

From: Regeneration of neural crest derivatives in the Xenopustadpole tail

Figure 8

Detection of mitf , dct and kit expression. (A-D) Expression of mitf (A, B) and dct (C, D) transcripts in normal tadpole (A, C), and 3d tail regenerates (B, D) detected by in situ hybridization. Positive cells are present in the blastema region of the regeneration bud. Black arrows indicate amputation level. (E-H) Detection of kit in tail regenerates. Enlarged view of the selected area in (E) is shown in (F). The kit antibody staining is shown in red, and counterstained with DAPI (G). (H) Quantification of kit+ cells in the stump and regenerating tails, n = 6.

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