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Figure 4

From: Hand is a direct target of the forkhead transcription factor Biniou during Drosophilavisceral mesoderm differentiation

Figure 4

Hand is dispensable for initial midgut differentiation. (A-F) show embryos stained for ╬▓3Tubulin (red channel, mesodermal derivatives), and ╬▓Galactosidase (green channel, balancer staining, marked with double arrows). Embryos with mutated hand gene, either induced by homologues recombination (handKO) or by a deficiency (DF(2L)Exel7046) reveal normal formation of visceral mesoderm and a differentiated gut at later stages (D). A, C and E show wildtype embryos for comparison. A and B show stage 10 embryos from a lateral view, C and D stage 16/17 embryos from a dorsolateral view and E and F stage 13/14 embryo from a dorsal view. The embryo shown in F reveals weak autofluorescence do to overexposure of the green channel to clearly demonstrate the absence of the balancer.

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