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Table 1 Retinoic acid signalling components in selected postmitotic hindbrain and isthmic structures

From: Retinoic acid is a potential dorsalising signal in the late embryonic chick hindbrain

  Roofplate Meninges Locus coeruleus Isthmic midbrain Vestibulo-acoustic nuclei Caudal hindbrain nuclei  
Retinoic acid pathway component non-neural tissue neural tissue  
Raldh1   1   synthesis
Raldh2  2   
Raldh3    3    
Crabp1       binding
Cyp26A1   1   
Cyp26B1       breakdown
Cyp26C1   1   
RAR (βγ) ubiquitous
RXRγ   (√) (√)  
  1. 1isthmo-optic region, 2 proximal to the oculomotor nuclei, 3 isthmic organiser