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Figure 4

From: Retinoic acid is a potential dorsalising signal in the late embryonic chick hindbrain

Figure 4

Expression of Cyp1B1. A. Cyp1B1 expression at e5 is located in the developing meninges (*). B. Transverse section through the cerebellar region (black dashed line in A) shows expression in the blood vessels within the neural tube (arrow) and the cranial mesenchyme (*). C. Transverse section through the rostral hindbrain (white dashed line in A) reveals expression at the rhombic lip (inset at higher magnification).D. Meningeal membrane expression at e7.5 (*). E. Transverse section through cerebellum at e7.5 (black dashed line in D) shows meningeal, vascular expression. F. Transverse section through e7.5 rostral hindbrain (white dashed line in D) showing expression in the meninges (*) and blood vessels.

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