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Figure 2

From: Conserved and divergent patterns of expression of DAZL, VASA and OCT4 in the germ cells of the human fetal ovary and testis

Figure 2

Western analysis of 1st and 2nd trimester ovaries and testes. In both ovarian (A) and testicular (B) samples VASA (76 Kd) was not detectable in the 1st trimester samples but was present in those from the 2nd trimester. DAZL (33 Kd) was low/undetectable in 1st trimester ovaries (C) whereas it was detectable in ovarian samples from 2nd trimester and testicular samples from both 1st and 2nd trimester (D). OCT4 (42 Kd) was present in both ovaries (E) and testes (F) during both the 1st and 2nd trimester. The loading control in all cases was β-tubulin (51 Kd).

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