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Figure 8 | BMC Developmental Biology

Figure 8

From: Cadherin-mediated adhesion regulates posterior body formation

Figure 8

Genetic interaction between N-cadherin and vang-like 2. Lateral views of 30 hpf live embryos imaged using Nomarski optics. Anterior is to the left, dorsal is up. Control uninjected (WT) (A), WT injected with vangl2 MO (0.8 ng) (B), N-cadp79emcfhomozygous mutant (C), N-cadp79emcfmutant injected with vangl2 MO (0.8 ng) (N-cadp79emcf; vangl2 MO) (D), N-cadm117homozygous mutant (E), N-cadm117mutant injected with vangl2 MO (0.8 ng) (N-cadm117; vangl2 MO) (F) embryos. Insets show images of somites at the level of the yolk sac extension.

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