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Figure 5

From: Cadherin-mediated adhesion regulates posterior body formation

Figure 5

Expression of N-cadherin during gastrulation and somitogenesis. N-cadherin mRNA expression in WT, 60% epiboly (A-A"), 95% epiboly (B-B"), 3 som (C-C"), 6 som (D-D"), and 18 som (E-E") embryos. Animal views (A,B), dorsal views (A',B'), and sagital views (A",B"). Asterisk indicates lack of N-cad expression in the ventral epidermis. (C-E") Cross-sections through the head (C,D,E), trunk (C',D',E'), and tail (C",D",E") regions. Insets indicate the angle at which the embryo was sectioned. Abbreviations: V, ventral; L, lateral; D, dorsal; A, animal; NT, neural tube; NC, notochord; som, somite; TB, tailbud; OV, otic vessicle; PSC, postmigratory slow cells.

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