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Table 2 Gene Enrichment analysis of developing heart and outflow track in FolR1-/- embryos (P < 0.01)

From: Differentially expressed genes in embryonic cardiac tissues of mice lacking Folr1gene activity

Gene Ontology category Ratio of Enrichment (R)
14-somites heart  
Cell migration 9.09
Cell motility 7.69
Localization of cells 7.69
mRNA processing 9.38
RNA binding 5.26
28-somites heart  
Structural Constituent of cytoskeleton 9.68
Translation regulation activity 7.32
Translation factor activity/nucleic acid binding 7.69
mRNA processing 5.8
RNA polymerase transcription factor activity 14.29
38-somites conotruncal tissue  
Oxidoreductase activity 3.73
Protein folding 7.14
Intracellular membrane-bound organelle 9.64
Nuclear membrane 21.43
All changed genes  
Cell-cell adhesion 5.13
mRNA processing 5.74
Intracellular membrane-bound organelle 32.61